More playability with e-drums

The Japanese manufacturer Roland has launched the TD-30K e-drum-set as a "Studio Edition". It contains all professional applications you need...and more. E-drums are electronic drums, which generate the sounds in a digital way. Many different sounds can be simulated - much more than an acoustic drum can. Another benefit: E-Drums are almost noiseless and can be played on a hi-fi system either through headphones or in low volume.

In the 80s, when synthetic music was born, there were e-pianos, -strings, -brass and so on. But to create an e-drum was a big challenge. What began as a rather clumsy, barely playable and of course bad triggering plastic pads, has evolved to fairly sophisticated drum imitations. Even famous drummers like Phil Collins use thee-drums - of course, they can't be bad.

Roland Corporation was founded in Osaka in 1972 in and is now one of the world's leading provider of electronic musical instruments. For more than a decade, Roland V-Drums lead with incredible expressiveness and sound quality.

Nature pure with SuperNATURAL

With the launch of the SuperNATURAL Powered TD-30KV/TD-30K series there is a whole new world for electronic drums. SuperNATURAL Sounds with Behavior Modeling, along with advanced sensing technology, provides a new level of expressive ability and playability in an instrument that reacts and responds to all play technical details.

The heart of the V-Pro series is the new TD-30 drum sound module. From rim shots, flams, ghost notes on the snare, to powerfull crash hits and cymbal swells, every nuance is differentiated, accurate and smooth. The Ambience fader, which allows the direct setting of room and overhead microphone simulations, perfectly generate spatial depth. The compact studio Set Roland TD-30K has the same module as the TD-30 KX. It contains an enlarged Snar Pad and larger Tom Pads that convey an improved play feeling and are still kept quite easily. The revised MDS-12V rack is absolutely stable, flexible, and is also well suited for use in the studio. The TD-30 offers a selection of 100 pre-configured drum kits, and convey any dynamic levels and different play technics. Also, the built-in equalizer offers a variety of effects, along with the versatile ambience effects there are no limits. For optimal integration into any setup the new compact and lightweight 10" V-Pad has a versatile two-way bracket.

In addition, the possibility of audio playback via USB has been integrated to provide even more performance opportunities.

In short: The Roland TD-30K is well done and worth at least one session.